Teat disinfection - after every milking

» Chose an effective product
» Apply by dipping using a dip cup
» or by spraying
» ensure that every teat is covered
» keep cows standing for at least 30 minutes after milking

Choose an effective teat dip

» Products in use in Europe
    › Iodophors
    › Chlorhexidine
    › Chlorine dioxide
    › Lactic acid
    › emollients ;Glycerol/Sorbitol
» Authorisation
    › Veterinary medicines
    › Registered disinfectants
» Activity testing
    › Use of standard methods
    › BSEN 1656

Practice good hygiene during milking

» Wear clean apron, overalls.

› Wear gloves, change at regular intervals or if damaged. If gloves not worn wash hands or use handrub disinfectant at regular intervals and especially after milking infected animals.

» Milk infected cows last

› Keep infected milk or milk from antibiotic treated cows out of bulk tank

» Wash clusters

› particularly after falling on the floor during milking and disinfect with suitable general purpose disinfectant before using on the next animal

» Administering antibiotic tubes

› wash hands thoroughly and wear fresh gloves.
› Clean teat ends, furthest two teats cleaned first. Teats must be allowed to dry before tubing.
› Tube in the opposite order to cleaning ie. nearest teats first.
› Dip teats with teat dip and ensure that cows are standing for at least 30 minutes after tubing.