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Mastitis in dairy cattle is the most common / costly disease in dairy cattle worldwide. It is the persistent, inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue. Mastitis occurs when white blood cells (leukocytes) are released into the mammary gland, usually in response to bacteria invading the teat canal. Milk-secreting tissue and various ducts throughout the mammary gland can be permanently damaged due to Mastitis.

Losses due to Mastitis

Temporary or permanent loss of milk production, Poor milk quality,
Discarding of milk from affected animals prior to or after antibiotic treatment pre-mature Segregating & Removing of the cow or reduced productive life of animals

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Smart approach to teat dipping

The control of mastitis in dairy cattle is a multi-factorial process, with post-milking teat disinfection a well established, internationally recognised and effective cornerstone of mastitis prevention programmes.

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The 5-Point Plan

Teat disinfection - after every milking
Antibiotic drying off - dry cow therapy
Prompt antibiotic therapy - clinical cases
Segregating & Removing cows - with repeated cases
Milking machine maintenance

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